Hire the stars you’ve already got

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According to Aaron Shapiro

Performance evaluations for managers should include assessment of the volume and quality of new ideas they brought to the table.

But instead there is usually no significant reward for teaching the wider organization new and better ways. And no employee smart enough to have a “secret sauce” is stupid enough to give a company the recipe for free. If the only way to profit from an idea or insight is to keep it a personal trade secret, then that’s what smart people will do.

If CEOs really want their companies to be innovative, they need to pay for it, and translate the spreading of great ideas into significant cold hard cash.

Why not approach your most effective people, who are getting the most measurable results, and offer them a 100% bonus for the year if they teach their methods to everybody?

Would you hire one person…

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The “bridge” personality: a key to success for multidisciplinary projects

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According to Bruce L. Tow and David A. Gilliam

In the 1970s, SRI International (then called Stanford Research) asked some of its brightest researchers to explore a question vital to their success as a think tank and provider of innovative solutions: Why did some of their multidisciplinary projects succeed while others failed? This was a key question because, up until then, nobody at SRI could find a pattern. After careful study, researchers led by Joseph McPherson […] came up with a theory, which SRI subsequently put into successful practice: They identified a type of individual whom they called a Bridge. The Bridge (as it happened, quite accidentally) combined the focused knowledge of a specialist with an intense, innate curiosity about the other disciplines in any multidisciplinary project in which that person was involved.

Typically, a Bridge was a specialist assigned to a given multidisciplinary project, who at some point–without project-management…

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Al Gross and the difference between invention and innovation

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According to Peter Denning

An innovation is a transformation of practice in a community. It is not the same as the invention of a new idea or object. The real work of innovation is in the transformation of practice.

Consider the case of Al Gross

The pioneer nonpareil of wireless telecommunications is Al Gross. In 1938, he invented the walkie-talkie. In 1948, he pioneered Citizens’ Band (CB) radio. In 1949, he invented the telephone pager. His other inventions include the basics of cordless and cellular telephony.

Gross was too far ahead of his time to cash in on his inventions: his patents expired long before the public was ready for CB radio, cell phones and pagers. But his love of the work outweighs any regrets: he always smiles when he says, “If I still had the patents on my inventions, Bill Gates would have to stand aside for me.”


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Here’s The Settlement—Getting The License Back Was Rossi’s Top Priority


In the settlement between Rossi and his US licensee IH, Rossi got the license back together with all E-Cat equipment and materials, while none of the parties will have to pay damages to the other. Getting the license back was his top priority all the time, Rossi explains in this interview.

[Here’s the document defining the terms of the settlement(un-disclosed source)].

“To us, the most important thing was to regain complete ownership of the IP and of all the rights that were conceded through the license. At this point, it had become very clear that a continued collaboration had become impossible because of the choices IH made and because of other reasons. The development, the finalization, and the distribution of the technology—any agreement regarding this would have been impossible,” Rossi told me during an interview via Skype on July 15.

The settlement was drafted on July 5, 2017…

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Are you a productive member of society?

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An unintentionally amusing opinion piece here by “German philosopher” Peter Sloterdijk.

As translated by Alexis Cornel

we have become accustomed to the fact that a handful of productive citizens provide more than half of national income-tax revenues

Yet the philosopher doesn’t define his terms. What does it mean for a citizen to be “productive”? (As opposed, perhaps, to be being a “nutzlose Fresser”?) Is the philosopher himself productive? How about a stripper? Or the CEO of a too-big-to-fail bank? Or an arms merchant? Or a tobacco farmer?

According to Bob Black

Only a small and diminishing fraction of work serves any useful purpose independent of the defense and reproduction of the work-system and its political and legal appendages. Twenty years ago, Paul and Percival Goodman estimated that just five percent of the work then being done — presumably the figure, if accurate, is lower now — would satisfy our minimal…

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Americans want to increase foreign aid 5 to 10 times current levels

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According to Peter Singer

Americans also suffer from gross misconceptions about how significant the country’s aid is as a percentage of all federal spending. In four surveys that asked Americans what portion of government spending goes to foreign aid, the median answers ranged from 15 percent to 20 percent. The correct answer is less than 1 percent.

A majority of people in those surveys further said that America gives too much aid — but when asked how much America should give, the median answers ranged from 5 percent to 10 percent of government spending. In other words, people wanted foreign aid cut — to an amount that is five to 10 times as much as their country actually gives.


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Slavery, capitalism, and the origins of the modern world

(Following up to “Slavery and the rise of the West — US Civil War was necessary for ending slavery“.) According to Sven Beckert

Slavery did not die because it was unproductive or unprofitable, as some earlier historians have argued. Slavery was not some feudal remnant on the way to extinction. It died because of violent struggle, because enslaved workers continually challenged the people who held them in bondage—nowhere more successfully than in the 1790s in the French colony of Saint-Domingue (now Haiti, site of the first free nation of color in the New World), and because a courageous group of abolitionists struggled against some of the dominant economic interests of their time.

My two most popular blog entries

Self-help and high-tech.

If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” A famous question Apple’s Steve Jobs asks himself every morning. He also says here

Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.

The next-generation electric motor

The inverter control works like a virtual transmission, delivering big starting torque while efficiently providing strong cruising torque at all other times in a smaller, lighter, cheaper package that requires no transmission, cooling circuit, or precious rare-earth materials.


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  • @grahambunting Yep, creepy.
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  • “Once considered a rarity occurring every 40 years, jellyfish swarms are now an almost annual occurrence” http://digg.com/d31AB16 Japan
  • “much wind and solar energy is located in reservation areas” http://digg.com/d31A58a tribal governments and “the clean energy revolution”
  • “Censorship increases as killings become routine.” http://bit.ly/3idxzl Mexico
  • “Climate debt is about who will pick up the bill.” http://digg.com/d31A3n2 “about the rich world taking responsibility for the damage”
  • “Even non-profits Ive met over the last two weeks run themselves to rely on revenues not donors.” http://bit.ly/xw8IX (via @TechCrunch)
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  • “Bring the utility bill for data center onto IT budget and allocate the energy costs to the application owners.” http://bit.ly/4CqMRJ
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  • “Cosmologists are completely fooling themselves about the entropy of the universe.” http://digg.com/d31A2CV
  • 200,000,000 little kids are suffering from stunted growth (http://digg.com/d319zwY) because of maternal and childhood undernutrition
  • RT @UNICEF: ‘Tracking Progress’: UNICEF report calls for urgent international action on nutrition http://bit.ly/35FEcy
  • It’s as if @fakebaldur hung my paragraph in an art gallery! http://bit.ly/1Z40sg Nice.
  • Middle age begins when … http://bit.ly/2zpDvH
  • Losing trillion$ in natural capital each year: http://digg.com/d319zRg
  • “GDP should also include ecosystem cost” http://digg.com/d319zJH
  • “Users of many concurrent media streams actually are less able to switch between tasks.” http://digg.com/d319ynq Multitasking
  • Diet, exercise and genes aren’t the only factors responsible for body weight: http://digg.com/d319qN6 Also your symbiotic gut bacteria.
  • RT @EDNmagazine: Industry standards lead push toward energy-efficient computing http://bit.ly/4nE9uS #EDA
  • Human brain size shrank 10% in last 5000 years: http://digg.com/d319vul
  • Grumblings about pain and waste are not ‘whining’, they are an innovation mine. http://bit.ly/BgHRg Solution orientation.
  • “Hi, I’m Marty, and I’m a recovering Republican” http://bit.ly/2O8UPD (via @martybeckerman , who’s too hard on himself)
  • “Thinking the guy up ahead knows what hes doing is the most dangerous religion there is.” http://bit.ly/1JWQKe
  • Fewer fevers, more cancers? http://bit.ly/14vpfD
  • “Short-term memory may depend […] on the ability of newly formed neurons to erase older connections.” http://digg.com/d319tU2
  • Reverse engineering fly eyes: http://bit.ly/2EheXx , http://bit.ly/3NIja7
  • “If you’re successful in avoiding a problem, you then don’t have the evidence that you’ve been successful.” http://digg.com/d319nSb
  • The fight over the future of food: http://bit.ly/4cwaAy
  • Inside the James Bond Villain Data Center: http://bit.ly/25KRZ0
  • RT @karenbartleson: EE Times’ Top 10 Women in Microelectronics http://bit.ly/2XBUa6
  • How “the book of a low-born and brilliant mariner … finally made its way into the public arena”: http://digg.com/d319qmP after 500+ years
  • “Schns frauds actually benefited from rigorous peer review at elite journals” http://digg.com/d319r4U
  • “There is one way we could save ourselves and that is through the massive burial of charcoal.” http://digg.com/d3jiRk
  • Sequestering CO2 as rich, productive soil: http://digg.com/d319ojV
  • Ancient evergreen tree tells the history of droughts in SE Asia: http://digg.com/d319kK1
  • SystemVerilog 2009 approved as IEEE standard: http://bit.ly/2H7MPI #EDA #46DAC #SNPS
  • How to get a duplicate USA passport: http://bit.ly/2UBzR
  • “You cant let off steam with violence.” http://digg.com/d315RLB Catharsis is ineffective against anger.
  • “More information makes you more confident, if not more accurate.” http://digg.com/d316la8 “More info[…] not always better than less.”
  • PHA bioplastics: http://digg.com/d319d7j
  • Priming — a psychology master class by Daniel Kahneman: http://digg.com/d319grP
  • Body posture affects confidence in one’s thoughts: http://digg.com/d319ejJ
  • World’s oldest national park: http://digg.com/d319gfo
  • Devouring the Earth is a traditional value: http://digg.com/d319g3c
  • Why “companies trying to reverse results of bad decisions should find true outsiders”: http://digg.com/d319fLR
  • “fascist and racist ideas are … woven into the fabric of Heideggers theories” http://digg.com/d319V2N
  • 20 butterfly photos: http://digg.com/d319auk
  • “Alternative energy down on the farm: A still-untapped resource” http://digg.com/d319TNi
  • If you dont do what you love, do something else. Because all of it is hard.” http://bit.ly/1krRUi
  • “Now biotechs dark lords face a digital-age army, people raised with a networked mindset” http://bit.ly/9xLAc
  • 13 of Natures Most Disgusting Parasites: http://digg.com/d319ZFb
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  • How to negotiate like a Democrat: http://digg.com/d319Y5F
  • Extinction #6: http://digg.com/d319TK4
  • “Wind energy in Spain reached a new record last night, providing at its peak 45.1% of … total electricity demand” http://digg.com/d319TPt
  • World’s fattest man balloons from junk food, despite being unable to move from bed. His enablers are killing him. http://digg.com/d319UQD
  • “True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar.” http://bit.ly/GDCE1
  • 150 interesting links

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  • Time outdoors is the crucial factor in children’s avoiding near-sightedness: http://digg.com/d319REl , http://bit.ly/1SnlHx
  • A parasite that replaces its victim’s tongue: http://bit.ly/12MUGM
  • Eisenhower’s 1953 Chance for Peace Speech: http://bit.ly/1fwfa5
  • “What will it take to force political action on climate change?” http://digg.com/d319OFx
  • “the Amazon rain forest may be largely a human artifact” http://digg.com/d319OWr
  • Beached: visual metaphor for global warming (http://digg.com/d3kA1x)
  • “Clever fools: Why a high IQ doesn’t mean you’re smart” http://digg.com/d318rtt
  • The science of temptation: http://digg.com/d318xR9
  • 70 insect photos: http://digg.com/d319HiO
  • The economic case for slashing carbon emissions: http://digg.com/d319Nns
  • “A Blueprint for Restoring the Worlds Oceans to Health” http://digg.com/d319Nmy
  • “NF3 is one of the most potent greenhouse gases known and persists in the atmosphere for 550 years.” http://digg.com/d319NmO
  • Brain-like chip may solve computers’ big problem: Energy (http://digg.com/d319K8R)
  • Future computers “could be operating not on electrons, but on tiny waves traveling through an electron ‘fluid'” http://digg.com/d319FUX #EDA
  • Obama “was extremely excited that he had a real nerd on his team. He talked about it for weeks on end.” http://digg.com/d319Ipx
  • The mortal enemy of creativity is entertainment: http://digg.com/d319GFx
  • Is the internet “killing storytelling”? http://digg.com/d319Foa
  • “Do you need someone to nag you?” http://bit.ly/3mSfpz
  • The moodraising effect of constitutionals: http://digg.com/d319Fr8
  • In any field, find the strangest thing and explore it. http://bit.ly/h44DE
  • Dont write your to-do list at the start of the day, write it at the END of the day: http://bit.ly/IX5tx
  • The absurdity of US maize production: http://digg.com/d3Gvzu
  • “people are actually rather easy to influence and predict (once we know the triggering environmental cues or prompts)” http://bit.ly/1zTMZ1
  • Dynamic world under Antarctica’s ice: http://digg.com/d319A0g
  • Is the world outsourcing Its greenhouse emissions to China? http://digg.com/d319Bh7
  • In US, 5 climate lobbyists for each member of Congress: http://digg.com/d3199QT
  • Toward a stalemate in Copenhagen. How industry pressures and national agendas dim prospects for a climate treaty: http://digg.com/d319CPb
  • Unhealthy food ads pervasive on US children’s TV: http://digg.com/d319BRk
  • @NCForestRanger Fresno uses 3x the US average per capita. Water level used to be < 30ft below surface, now 120ft below. http://bit.ly/1qxdC5
  • 3-year-olds + TV –> “increased risk for exhibiting aggressive behavior” http://digg.com/d3195Zm
  • Sacramento, CA, is not expected to have water meters fully installed until 2025: http://digg.com/d3198BZ
  • A fundamental weather theory “marginalised for 80 years” has been “suddenly and decisively proven”: http://digg.com/d3196aF
  • @dave_59 🙂 http://bit.ly/17wmUY http://bit.ly/LdHWU http://bit.ly/kTN5o
  • “Aquacalypse Now: The End of Fish” http://digg.com/d316UVR
  • Mind-altering parasites in the human brain. Up to 60 million in USA infected, but most don’t know it. (http://digg.com/d3193QQ) T. gondii
  • Zombie creatures: What happens when animals are possessed by a parasitic puppet master? http://digg.com/d318gfh
  • Nazca civilization succumbed to soil erosion after cutting down huarango trees to grow crops: http://digg.com/d318vAE
  • Methane’s impact on global warming far higher than thought: http://digg.com/d3191Ur
  • 1.02 Billion People Hungry: One Sixth Of Humanity (http://digg.com/d3191Vd)
  • Unlike plowed fields, “native prairie vegetation actually improves the soil year after year.” http://digg.com/d317ult
  • Rats on a junk food diet behave like drug addicts: http://digg.com/d3191RJ
  • The convergence of social and technological networks: http://digg.com/d3l2uA
  • The bridge personality: a key to success for multidisciplinary projects (http://bit.ly/LeOFp)
  • Biochar the carbon negative topsoil doctor: http://bit.ly/37meth
  • “A content-rich pedagogy makes better citizens and smarter kids.” http://digg.com/d318wfn
  • Little spider with only 600K neurons, yet a learning, intelligent predator: http://bit.ly/488GYE
  • The wasp that feeds on the goliath birdeater tarantula is the size of a sparrow: http://bit.ly/4xvRtt
  • “The pitcher cries for water to carry and a person for work that is real.” http://digg.com/d318qoO
  • The secret behind Mona Lisa’s enigmatic smile: http://digg.com/d318TKy “(Es una sonrisa eterna)
  • “How snakes on the brain sharpened our eyes” http://digg.com/d318pBy , http://digg.com/d318qkH
  • The evil of banality: troubling new revelations about Arendt and Heidegger: http://digg.com/d318q9D
  • Leveling Appalachia: the legacy of mountaintop removal coal mining: http://digg.com/d317Efu
  • Greenest US city? New York: http://digg.com/d318VMW
  • “which DOJ figures were involved in the decision not to prosecute and why did they take those decisions”? http://digg.com/d318ltb
  • “Their three-storey house is in fact made out of ‘garbage’, from the floor to the roof.” http://digg.com/d318nCA
  • How Goldman secretly bet on the U.S. housing crash: http://digg.com/d318mvo
  • Why did Goldman stop scrutinizing loans it bought? http://digg.com/d318n7l
  • Cheaper desalination: http://digg.com/d318lEc , http://bit.ly/3GtziC
  • “financial inequality among populations largely depends on the ‘technologies’ that produce a people’s livelihood” http://digg.com/d318kSO
  • The mass marketing of elitism: http://bit.ly/480dtu
  • You dont even know what youre procrastinating on: http://digg.com/d3kbzR
  • Practice only makes perfect if youre paying attention: http://digg.com/d3jFuq
  • “The time is never right.” http://digg.com/d3lf2n “If youre waiting for everything to be just right before taking action, …
  • “Keep that crackpot project bubbling on the side and stay open-minded about what it might one day become.” http://bit.ly/lZZ7h
  • The age of the Informavore: http://digg.com/d318Uk1
  • Cute little primate — a “loris”: http://digg.com/d318UXX
  • Sculptures made from old hubcaps: http://digg.com/d318cm0
  • The power of setting a good example: http://digg.com/d318epd
  • How green is your pet? http://digg.com/d318FIQ
  • “Timewarp: How your brain creates the fourth dimension” http://digg.com/d317pY0
  • “New research makes the case for hard tests, and suggests an unusual technique that anyone can use to learn”: http://digg.com/d317fdw
  • XMRV and chronic fatigue: http://digg.com/d317LQA
  • Leyton in “Symmetry, Causality & Mind” argued that causal explanation is a primary drive. Review: http://bit.ly/Jyf8z
  • Why we always want to know the answer: http://digg.com/d3175mi
  • Extrasynaptic neuron signalling: “You can’t explain how the brain works … just based on synaptic communication.” http://digg.com/d318bFl
  • @Numetrics “magnetic refrigeration might become the first technological application of magnetic shape-memory foam
  • A shape-memory alloy that reacts to magnetic fields by stretching or contracting almost 10%: http://digg.com/d318YGQ
  • Super slow-motion camera can follow firing neurons: http://digg.com/d318XCN
  • ESL standards: Sperling, Schirrmeister, Kaiser, Sanguinetti, and Perrier (http://digg.com/d318Yhd) #EDA #46DAC
  • @ocoudert “The Pathologies of Big Data”: http://bit.ly/9RrKh #EDA #46DAC
  • You are never going to get caught up: http://digg.com/d318TQX
  • Truth is a niche market: http://digg.com/d3nM0E
  • Origins and history of Halloween: http://digg.com/d318P6x
  • Tune into the genius channel 24/7: http://digg.com/d318OPR
  • First acoustic hyperlens: http://digg.com/d318Ddl
  • Only one last hurdle for SystemVerilog 2009 — the IEEE Standards Board Meeting in early December: http://bit.ly/1YauYt #EDA #46DAC
  • “Is the exclusive TED conference intellectual nirvana — or just a return to high school?” http://digg.com/d318K6U
  • Zombies and the moral imagination: http://digg.com/d318K3z
  • Biophysical economics: does the neoclassical mantra of constant growth violate the laws of physics? http://digg.com/d3186dr
  • Bamboo: does this wood substitute really make for greener floors, clothing and other products? http://digg.com/d3xKwI
  • Green styrofoam: an eco-friendly insulation made from mushrooms (http://digg.com/d318Jqo)
  • Corals reefs could starve in high CO2: http://digg.com/d316NS3
  • Green roofs: http://digg.com/d318IzD
  • RT @yaron_think_ver Some thoughts about the all new VMM1.2 (Beta) – a big step forward for VMM http://bit.ly/IK9FI #EDA #46DAC
  • Mapping Earth’s hotter future: http://digg.com/d318FQw
  • An octopus brain has at least as many neurons as a mouse brain: http://bit.ly/1uvkg
  • Like taking candy from a baby: our war on the future (http://digg.com/d318CJ2)
  • Transparent dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) using artificial porphyrin and zinc: http://digg.com/d3181Fh
  • “We live in a tenth-of-a-second world.” http://digg.com/d3189c2
  • Mary Anning and the birth of paleontology: http://digg.com/d317x16
  • Illusion optics via metamaterials: http://digg.com/d317ztj
  • “How did Americans end up with a system in which employers pay for our health insurance?” http://digg.com/d317x2C
  • Jose Delgado and the forgotten era of brain chips: http://digg.com/d31848m
  • “Algae and light help injured mice walk again”: http://digg.com/d317qba
  • Memory of sleep-deprived mice improved with Rolipram: http://digg.com/d317rJK
  • Adequate sleep is as essential for childhood development as are nutrition and exercise: http://digg.com/d31843Y
  • “About a third (32%) [of Americans] says global warming is not too serious (15%) or not a problem at all (17%).” http://digg.com/d317wV7
  • Science and the sustainable intensification of global agriculture: http://digg.com/d317pEm
  • Heidegger — “a prolific, provincial Nazi hack” who “should be the butt of jokes, not the subject of dissertations.” http://digg.com/d317sNy
  • Toxic legacy of the Cold War: http://digg.com/d317hap
  • Ten Young Geniuses Shaking Up Science Today: http://digg.com/d317eMy
  • “The relative decline of the book is part of a broader shift toward short and to the point.” http://digg.com/d317m44
  • “Nearly everyone reads. Soon, nearly everyone will publish.” http://digg.com/d317iM8
  • Was our oldest ancestor a proton-powered rock? http://digg.com/d317dVd
  • RT @myEARTH360 @ThePhoenixSun @Climatechg: Killer Algae: Key Player In Mass Extinctions (http://digg.com/d317iYH)
  • A bank run by street kids, for street kids: http://digg.com/d317fvQ
  • Glia — the dark matter of the brain: http://digg.com/d312P68
  • Brain cells that keep track of time with extreme precision: http://digg.com/d317dvq
  • “The best way to fight poverty and extremism is to educate and empower women and girls.” http://digg.com/d317fHB
  • “When they turn on their faucets, water sometimes pours out in a gray gush.” http://digg.com/d317fWc
  • Coal is dirty and dangerous: http://digg.com/d317fWH
  • “IBM and the Holocaust is the stunning story of IBM’s strategic alliance with Nazi Germany”: http://digg.com/d317f3N
  • The U.S.-India nuclear deal — one year later: http://digg.com/d317eyl
  • Prison time, felony charges rare for US relic looters: http://digg.com/d317dCl
  • Migraines linked to slightly lower risk of breast cancer: http://digg.com/d317d4u
  • “They are clichs, and they belong to you: as a speaker of English, they are your birthright. Use them proudly.” : http://digg.com/d317cvh
  • 1989! http://digg.com/d317ZXN
  • CO2 climate change will be largely irreversible: http://digg.com/d317LfD
  • Industry-funded studies the most likely to show no link between mobile phone use and cancer: http://digg.com/d317ILP
  • “How stereotyping students became a thriving industry and a bundle of contradictions”: http://digg.com/d317IAX
  • Russia and the Napoleonic Wars: http://digg.com/d317I99
  • Novel microfluidic chip for monitoring breast cancer: http://digg.com/d317HzH
  • Peter Paul Rubens, diplomat: http://digg.com/d317Bwy
  • The muddy, take-no-prisoners carnage of 191418: http://digg.com/d317Bvi
  • William Herschel and the discovery of infrared: http://digg.com/d317VJ8
  • Massively collaborative mathematics: http://digg.com/d317XVk
  • New pendant camera memorizes the scene in front of you at least twice per minute: http://digg.com/d317N8A
  • How your brain tells time: http://digg.com/d317HTE
  • Organisms that produced oxygen 3B years ago may also have been spawning toxic nuclear reactors: http://digg.com/d317GEA
  • Tres Amigas proposal to use superconducting cables to transport renewable energy across the United States: http://digg.com/d317CBs
  • “in three years the number of analysts covering #EDA has effectively been cut in half”: http://bit.ly/49H9zU #46DAC
  • Refract House: Team California in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2009 (http://digg.com/d3179Nn)
  • Unscientific assumptions in economic theory are undermining efforts to solve environmental problems: http://digg.com/d3179JO
  • Nobel descendant slams Economics prize: http://digg.com/d3179IM
  • Earth and Moon as seen from Mars: http://digg.com/d317639
  • Climate record from last 2.5 million years may sit at the surface of Allan Hills: http://digg.com/d3172u7
  • Simply cleaning up soot could work wonders for the climate: http://digg.com/d316vKK
  • The great sardine run: dolphins, sharks, whales and birds competing underwater for fish (http://digg.com/d316ysc)
  • A neglected climate strategy: Empower women, slow population growth (http://digg.com/d3170mz)
  • Blogged an archive of my tweets so far: http://bit.ly/KAztx