“Half of the DRAM in the world will disappear,” says Sehat Sutardja

(Tip of the hat to “ippisl“.) According to Sehat Sutardja, CEO of Marvell, in a June 2015 interview with Linley Gwennap

Linley: How much can this approach reduce the amount of
DRAM you need?

Sehat: Drastically. I used to say 90%, but that scared
the hell out of the DRAM companies, so now I just say
50%. Half of the DRAM in the world will disappear. We’re
talking $23 billion in savings to the OEMs [global DRAM
revenue in 2014 was $46 billion], meaning $40 billion or
$60 billion to you and I, because we never pay the OEM

Linley: But the incremental cost is going to be extra flash
memory. How much flash do you need?

Sehat: As much as you want. If you want a system to
have 16GB of main memory, you use 16GB of flash.

Linley: You’re replacing DRAM with flash, but flash is cheaper.

Sehat: Less than one-tenth of the price.