Brad develops EDA languages and synthesis tools. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UCLA.



  1. According to William Zinsser

    It now occurs to me that I didn’t really find my style until I wrote On Writing Well, at the late age of 52. Until then my style more probably reflected who I wanted to be perceived as—the urbane columnist and humorist and critic. Only when I started writing as a teacher and had no agenda except to be helpful did my style become integrated with my personality and my character.


    • This was the first writing book I ever bought. I bought it immediately upon graduating from engineering school, not even knowing why. It was probably another clue that I was meant to be a writer.


      • Following up on the Zinsser quote, according to Jim Rohn, “Learn to express, not impress.” And according to Jules Buccieri

        No expression of knowledgeable bullshit calculated to make you look brilliant. No showing off. All of this blab keeps you from being real. And (magic fact) if you aren’t real, you aren’t powerful.


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