SystemVerilog: Backward compatibility with Verilog was a key to its success

According to Dave Rich

Superlog was originally designed to be a complete remake of Verilog using more modern programming concepts. My role as the company’s first application engineer was simply to convince people to use it. However, after working at four different Verilog start-ups, I realized how important it was to support legacy code and that migration to a new language must come in the form of evolution, not revolution. So we changed the design of Superlog to be 100% backward compatible with Verilog, as SystemVerilog is today.



  1. When someday SystemVerilog is displaced in the marketplace, it won’t be because of method overloading.


  2. Put aside whether how backwards compatibility affected adoption.

    I think that the level of backwards compatibility in SystemVerilog has made it a much worse language. I also don’t understand why the limitations of existing module code was extended to be class-based code; for example no method overloading.


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