The health benefits of fasting without feeling like you’re starving — the “fasting mimicking diet” from USC

Recently the media has been spreading the news about the USC “fasting mimicking diet” that seems to achieve the well-known health benefits of fasting while still letting you eat some food.

Here’s the science and an interview where the researcher warns about “attempting the fasting mimicking diet without first consulting a doctor and seeking their supervision throughout the process”.

The formula is to mimic fasting 5 days per month for 3 months, by on the first day eating 1090 calories as 10% protein, 56% fats, 34% carbs, and then on the next 4 days eating 725 calories as 9% protein, 44% fat, 47% carbs.

If we suppose that protein and carbs contain 4 calories per gram, and fat contains 9 calories per gram, then on the first day 27 grams of protein, 68 grams of fat and 97 grams of carbs, and on the next 4 days 16 grams of protein, 35 grams of fat and 85 grams of carbs.


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  1. As a physician practicing health and wellness, I have been interested in the benefits of periodic fasting for myself and my patients. I just finished a 6 month self-experiment doing a 5 day fast each month using Lifebox. The food is tasty and enjoyable and I found it very doable. Best of all, I have lost 10 pounds and my HgbA1c is completely normal for the first time in years.


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