Bromley & Winkelmann’s programmer’s utility library for SystemVerilog

According to Jonathan Bromley and AndrĂ© Winkelmann in “svlib – a programmer’s utility library for SystemVerilog

svlib is a free, open-source library of utility functions for SystemVerilog. It includes file and string manipulation functions, full regular expression search/replace, easy reading and writing of configuration files, access to environment variables and wall-clock time, and much more.

Paper | Presentation | Download



  1. Brad, thanks for highlighting this!

    Since we published svlib at DVCon in March 2014 we’ve had excellent feedback from several expert users, but unfortunately – as so often with such things – the day job gets in the way, and we have not been able to give it the attention we would wish. In particular svlib’s document object model – which underpins its configuration files mechanism – is very much a work-in-progress. Nevertheless, the simple utility features (strings, regex, operating system interaction) are in fairly good shape and we hope they will prove useful.

    On a similar theme, I’d like to draw attention to another SV library initiative, also published at DVCon, by Keisuke Shimizu of ClueLogic. It’s largely complementary to ours, and you can find it at:

    Jonathan Bromley


    • Adoption might be accelerated if you’d emphasize how easy it would be for anybody to get started right now taking advantage of the simple utility features, such as a short how-to installation video from download to regexing. Emphasizing the document object model early on is going to scare off most people except expert users.


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