They’re only mice

According to a comment elsewhere on the web

I knew a guy who told me that he used to catch mice in a no-kill mousetrap, then throw them into a half-filled bucket of water. The mice apparently couldn’t get enough traction to jump the sides, so they swam in circles until they got tired and drowned.

“Who cares? They’re only mice,” he said.

According to “Why did God send the flood?

In considering why God sent the Flood, we must first realize that those living upon the Earth were completely and utterly wicked beyond the hope of changing. There were no innocent bystanders caught up in the Flood; everyone was guilty of the most deplorable sinfulness.

Even the tiniest child, even the newborn lamb.

On a right-wing conspiracy site I won’t link to, someone talking about their schizophrenic little brother, wondering “if those that suffer this way are in reality, victims of warped government human experimentation project committed by the devils within the military industrial complex?”, ended their comment with

I have resigned myself that most likely, I will never know the truth – but believe that one day, the truth will be KNOWN.

and CleverMoniker trolled

It won’t. You’ll just die, and everything you’ve ever known will be instantly unknown as you ebb into darkness.

Seconds later, with no recollection of anything, you’ll see a dimly lit tunnel, which will become brighter, and brighter, as a rush of light, sound and pain assault your senses. Then you’ll slide out of a deer’s nethers onto the cold, wet floor of the forest.

Sound and furry.

Aside: Six weeks after reading the anecdote about the “half-filled bucket of water”, I wrote down a phrase that occurred to me spontaneously: “hate-filled bucket of water”. If I hadn’t copy-pasted the anecdote I would never have realized the true origin of that phrase. I wonder if, when memory goes, creativity goes with it? See also “Memory and self-discipline“.

According to “The ‘big one’ might be a flood (California and climate risks)“, I once tweeted

If Mother Earth drowned us all in a big bucket someday, who could really blame her?

According to this

In Soviet Russia, bucket kicks YOU!!


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