SystemVerilog design — choose libcells with your script instead of with your RTL

Instead of instantiating a specific library cell in your RTL, it would be more reusable and readable to instead use a generic cell that represents a family of closely related libcells that differ only in their physical characteristics.

In RTL the generic cell would be declared as a synthesizable always-block. Initially, depending on how exotic the libcells are, the tool might not even be able to map an instance to any of those you had in mind. But that’s OK, let it choose a suboptimal implementation. (For estimation, that will be close enough anyway.)

You can control the actual choice of libcells using change_link before mapping. For example, if you instantiated

module DFF(input CLK, input D, output logic Q, QN);
  always_ff @(posedge CLK) begin
     Q <= D;
  assign QN = ~Q;


set DFFs [get_cells * -filter "@ref_name == DFF"]
change_link $DFFs my_lib/my_libcell

When you need more nuance in the RTL, add attributes to the instantiations, and then change_link depending on them in addition to the name of the generic reference cell.


1 Comment

  1. SystemVerilog we all know, but what is your “script” ? tool ? vendor ?
    can you be more specific with such innovations descriptions ?


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