SV12 – deliver parameterized functions with let expressions

As discussed in SV12 13.8, parameterized functions can be declared as static methods of abstract classes.

This is a much more powerful coding style than traditional Verilog functions, but the function calls look ugly and redundant, hence error-prone and difficult for a human to read. A typical style will be to specialize the class with a type parameter for each argument, because most particulars, such as widths, can be derived from the types.

  ... C#(type(a+b),type(c+d))::f(a+b,c+d) ...

So don’t call the function directly, but instead use a let expression. (See 11.13.)

    package pkg;
      virtual class C ...
      let f(arg1,arg2) =

    ... pkg::f(a+b,c+d) ...

Package the abstract class with let declarations for each of its parameterized functions. At a call site, a let expression will be indistinguishable from a traditional Verilog function call.

If you update the package definition to use an entirely different class behind the scenes, with a different class name, different function names, and different parameters, then the consumers of the package won’t need to change even a character of code.


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