SV12 — what’s new in SystemVerilog 2012?

The main enhancements in SV12 (IEEE Std 1800-2012)

  • Discrete real modeling. For context, start here. Generic (typeless) nets and ports with the new interconnect keyword. User-defined resolution functions with the new nettype keyword.
  • Java-style interface classes. According to Wikipedia, “Interfaces are used to encode similarities which the classes of various types share, but do not necessarily constitute a class relationship. … [You can use] an object without knowing its type of class, but rather only that it implements a certain interface.” (As discussed HERE, don’t confuse traditional SV ‘interface’ and the new SV12 ‘interface class’.)
  • SVA
    • Checkers more like modules. Output arguments, conditional/looping statements, immediate assertions, task enables, let declarations, and continuous assignments to checker variables.
    • More data types in assertions. Reals, queues, dynamic/associative arrays. But not class objects.
    • Very deferred immediate assertions. assert final replaces assert #0 (which will be maintained for backward compatibility). assert final does not mature until the Postponed region.
  • Constraint-driven test
    • Uniqueness constraints. Reuses the unique keyword in constraints to instruct randomization that each in a group of variables should get distinct values.
    • e-style soft constraints. Like “keep soft” in e with the new soft keyword.
    • Programmable bin construction. According to Dave Rich, “the most important enhancement for testbench writers”. Start with the blue text in this original proposal.

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