Competitive eating — we’re wolves?

According to the Wikipedia entry on Wolfing

Competitive eating, or speed eating, is a sport in which participants compete against each other to consume large quantities of food in a short time period. Contests are typically less than 15 minutes in length, with the person consuming the most food being declared the winner. Competitive eating is most popular in the United States and Japan, where organized professional eating contests often offer $10,000 or more in prize money. Competitive eaters are sometimes known as “gurgitators,” a word used by those close to the sport and an assumed opposite of regurgitation.

This is an apt metaphor both for the growth-is-health economics that’s devouring our finite Mother Earth and for the “bucket list” lifestyle of “1000 places to see before you die”.

Life should be more than a big sausage casing you try to stuff until it can’t hold any more, a gut buster pizza with all the toppings, a dash around the grocery store at closing time piling the cart to overflowing with one of everything.

See also “Life isn’t short“.


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