Michael Keating simplifies SoC design

I recommend studying Michael Keating’s new book The Simple Art of SoC Design. According to the preface

In running an IP development team, I learned how critical quality is, and yet how difficult it is to achieve zero-defect code. For years I thought this was a verification problem. I am now convinced that the problem is how we design hardware and how we write RTL code.

Recently I have spent a lot of time looking at high level design and synthesis tools. I think there is some real value in the approaches they take. But I think there are significant opportunities for improvement in how they approach the design problem. Most importantly, I have come to realize that good design and good code do not miraculously emerge from raising abstraction.

Aside: Check out the acknowledgement in the final paragraph of that preface.

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  1. I saw some drafts of the first chapters of this book. I did not always agree with Mike, but the content was provocative, and I got some good new ideas.



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