Transistor was invented in 1920’s

According to William Beaty

The transistor was invented around 1923, by physicist Dr. J. Edgar Lilienfeld, the father of the modern electrolytic capacitor. WHAT?!!! But everyone knows that it was invented at Bell Labs in 1947. Nope. The original transistor was a 1920s thin-film device deposited on glass. […] Dr. Lilienfeld also built MOSFETs using the natural oxide layer found on aluminum plates. He also built a working transistor radio and showed it around to various companies. It was ignored, possibly because he didn’t have a solid theory to explain how his invention worked, but more probably because it was weird and new.

For example, here’s a patent he filed in 1926.

See also “Al Gross and the difference between innovation and invention“.




  1. I notice the Germans used printed circuits in magnetic mine in 1941 and direction finder receiver in 1944 I understand america used printed circuit in proximity fuse in 1945 so inventions like transistors are older than late 1940s


  2. I have heard that the transistor was first established in 1836 by Louis D. Walton but it was censored and in the following years the Army/Military who made tests with it used it in their technology. It wasn’t meant for public use and nobody shall know about it. A few years after that the first UFO sightings were made. My client who gave me these “top secret” details also said that he knows from his grandfather that the transistor was obvoiusly linked to secret UFO projects. I’ve seen some of the paperwork of the first transistor. It was made of a plastic like object with six edges and in the center there was the semiductor material made of selenium/seleniumoxide + mercury compunds of other substances (I couldn’t find out what these actually were). It had 5 connections in total. That is all I have been able to find out so far.


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