The trillionaires among us

If James S. Henry is right when he writes in Forbes that

there is $15 trillion to $20 trillion in private wealth sitting offshore in bank accounts, brokerage accounts and hedge fund portfolios, completely untaxed


This wealth is concentrated. Nearly half of it is owned by 91,000 people

then there’s at least $7 trillion owned by those 91,000 people. Assuming a typical Pareto distribution, that would mean there’s at least one trillionaire among them.

A trillion dollars isn’t an amazing amount of money any more. Just one year of US budget deficit is bigger than that. But it is 20 times more than accumulated by Forbes alleged richest man, Carlos Slim.

So who are these trillionaires, and why don’t they show up on the Forbes list of richest people?

Aside: To the Jew-haters who respond “the Rothschilds” — consider this much more likely conspiracy theory.

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