The bay gets to call the day

Maybe most days of your life are a preparation (or not) for the few big events of your life, and the timing of those events is unpredictable and out of your control.

Consider these peak days at Waimea Bay

The Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau event director George Downing has made a famous statement: In Downing’s words, “The Bay calls the day.” That call has been made only seven times in the past 23 years. It’s as if the ocean itself is determined to keep this event special.

The winners – Clyde Aikau, Keone Downing, Noah Johnson, Ross Clarke-Jones, Kelly Slater and Bruce Irons all possess extraordinary skills in the ocean. Each has had a “peak day” at Waimea Bay, when paddling power, fitness, wave selection, surfing equipment, confidence and courage have all come together.

According to Joseph Epstein

As Professor Morson puts it: “Dostoyevsky believed that lives are decided at critical moments, and he therefore described the world as driven by sudden eruptions from the unconscious. By contrast, Tolstoy insisted that although we may imagine our lives are decided at important and intense moments of choice, in fact our choices are shaped by the whole climate of our minds, which themselves result from countless small decisions at ordinary moments.” At some point in life, I think, one has to decide if one is, in one’s belief in the shape of his or her life, a Dostoyevskian or a Tolstoyian.

Unless you make the right everyday Tolstoyian decisions, the bay will call someone else’s Dostoyevskian day.


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