Threat indicators

Not sure I’m buying the explanation below for why the powerful have decided to keep dumping CO2 into the atmosphere. People take action even against crazy paranoid delusions such as strangers poisoning their children on Halloween or being left behind when the Antichrist takes over. One of my theories for why we’re still on this suicide mission is here.

Still, an interesting viewpoint. According to Dan Miller

An important reason why we are not doing anything about climate change is that it does not trigger any of the”threat indicators” that humans have developed over evolutionary time. They are:

  1. Immediate
  2. Visible
  3. Historical precedent
  4. Caused by an enemy/another tribe
  5. Simple causality
  6. Direct personal consequences.

For comparison, the BP oil spill has 5-1/2 of these (BP was the enemy). Climate change has zero. See my talk on for more on this.


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