Prison rape is not inevitable

According to David Kaiser and Lovisa Stannow

those responsible for this abuse are usually not other inmates, but members of the very corrections staff charged with protecting the people in their custody


One of the most pernicious myths about prisoner rape is that it is an inevitable part of life behind bars. This is simply wrong. As the variance in the BJS findings shows, it can be prevented. In well-run facilities across the country it is being prevented—and this shouldn’t be surprising. After all, the government has extraordinary control over the lives of those it locks up. Stopping sexual abuse in detention is a matter of using sound policies and practices, and passing laws that require them.

The perpetrators of prison rape are not usually fellow inmates, but instead members of the staff. These crimes are seldom committed in well-run prisons, but in other prisons there’s a culture of impunity.


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  1. Point 1 (most abuse perpetrated by staff) is surprising and contradicts most what activists in this area say. Obvious it comes out of a large, serious, official inquiry, but, even so, I’m skeptical.


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