Forget about perfection, and focus on progress

According to David J. Schwartz

Make this a personal resolution, “At home, at work, in community life, if it’s progress, I’m for it.”

Time management expert Ed Bliss argues that striving for excellence is healthy, but striving for perfection is a neurotic waste of time.

According to Dan Sullivan, Babs Smith, and Michel Néray

Focus on progress and forget about perfection.


People in perfection-based corporate cultures are always on the defensive, and they seem to be most interested in rationalizing why initiatives won’t work. People in progress-based corporate cultures are more interested in assisting other to achieve extraordinary goals, which also creates opportunities for themselves.



  1. Think big, move fast, and make some mistakes. But put mechanisms in place to catch mistakes fast, too.


  2. Another way to look at this is based on risk aversion. Those who tend to be risk averse won’t move forward until almost all the unknowns are known. Those who can manage risk, see the unknowns and make a calculated judgement that they will be able to deal with them in some way. They are the ones who push progress while the risk averse sit on the sidelines watching.


  3. Totally agree about “focus on progress” which is basically the mission statement of what I’m working towards in developing tools to support teaching and learning.


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