SystemVerilog 2009 approved — work starting on next revision

According to this, SystemVerilog 2009 was

approved as a revision standard by the IEEE-SA Standards Board on 9 November

According to Karen Pieper

I will provide a draft PAR to seed the discussion. If there is anything in particular that you would like in the next PAR, please let me know.

According to Neil Korpusik

The Technical Committees should not be meeting at this time. They need to wait
for the go ahead from the Working Group before they can begin work. The next
Working Group meeting will be held December 10th. It will take some time for a
new PAR to emerge. I don’t expect the technical committees to start meeting
again until the new PAR is agreed to.

At this time it is ok to file new mantis items and to answer questions that
people post on existing versions of the LRM.

A call has gone out to the Working Group members for input on what should be
addressed by the next PAR. You should feed your input on that into your company
Designated Representative (DR).

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