Tune into the genius channel 24/7

Originally a genius was like a guardian angel.  According to William Smith the ancient Romans believed that

the genii are the powers which produce life (dii genitales) and accompany man through it as his second or spiritual self

A genius was depicted as a youth holding a cornucopia or a patera, the dish for pouring out wine in honor of a deity.

I imagine genius as pouring out its wine in honor of our higher selves. Like noon sun through a south-facing rose window, like spring water from the hoofprint of Pegasus, it is inexhaustible, but easily and often ignored.

Genius is like a radio channel you can listen to from almost anywhere. There may be static and not every show can be a gem, but the biggest problem is that the rest of the dial is full of diverting garbage.

Don’t touch that dial, keep it tuned to genius.


The carrier wave of the genius channel is love. Anger, shame, resentment, etc., jam the signal.



  1. According to David Letterman

    There is no off position on the genius switch.

    I don’t agree.


  2. I don’t know for sure he said it, but supposedly, according to Emmet Fox,

    Love is always creative and fear is always destructive. If you could only love enough, you would be the most powerful person in the world.


  3. Hot and cold running muse. (“I feel stupid and contagious.”)


  4. All muse, all the time.

    Muse it or lose it.

    Just the muse you can use.

    All the muse that’s fit to print.

    According to Dryden a pun is the

    lowest and most groveling kind of wit


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