Self-control (controlling your “self”, mastering your “self”) is like a permanent, unwinnable civil war.  (Consider the GNC ad campaign “It’s you vs. you” — what a horrible viewpoint.)

What you need is to put your true self in control, while accepting this really means true selves.  According to this

An evolving approach to the science of pleasure suggests that each of us contains multiple selves—all with different desires, and all fighting for control.

A common motivational quote, attributed to Edmund Hillary, is

It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.

According to Ed Viesturs, the first American to climb all fourteen 8,000-meter peaks and author of No Shortcuts to the Top,

I’ve learned in climbing that you don’t “conquer” anything. Mountains are not conquered and should be treated with respect and humility. If we take what the mountains give, have patience and desire, and are prepared, then the mountains will permit us to reach their highest peaks. I believe a lot of things are like that in life.

Your self is a mountain worthy of respect and humility, too.


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