Scalable synchronous queues

According to Scherer, Lea and Scott

In this paper, we have presented two new lock-free and contention-free synchronous queues that outperform all previously known algorithms by a wide margin. In striking contrast to previous implementations, there is little performance cost for fairness.

In a head-to-head comparison, our algorithms consistently outperform the Java SE 5.0 SynchronousQueue by a factor of three in unfair mode and up to a factor of 14 in fair mode. We have further shown that this performance differential translates directly to factors of two and ten when substituting our new synchronous queue in for the core of the Java SE 5.0 ThreadPoolExecutor, which is itself at the heart of many Java-based server implementations. Our new synchronous queues have been adopted for inclusion in Java 6.

More recently, we have extended the approach described in this paper to TransferQueues. TransferQueues permit producers to enqueue data either synchronously or asynchronously. TransferQueues are useful for example in supporting messaging frameworks that allow messages to be either synchronous or asynchronous. The base synchronous support in TransferQueues mirrors our fair synchronous queue. The asynchronous additions differ only by releasing producers before items are taken.

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