Erasmus Darwin-style dining table with semi-circle cut out — unmet market need

According to the Erasmus Darwin House

In person Erasmus was friendly, generous, sociable, full of teasing humour, and, according to his friend James Keir, ‘paid little regard to authority.’ He was married twice – both times to women he adored – had an in-between mistress, fourteen children and dozens of lifelong friends. Erasmus also enjoyed his food. He enjoyed it so much that as he grew older, a semi-circle had to be cut out of his dining-table to accommodate his considerable bulk. An obsessive inventor of mechanical devices, he developed a speaking machine, a copying machine and the steering technique used in modern cars. Erasmus was the first person to fully understand and explain the process of photosynthesis in plants and to describe the formation of clouds. He translated Linnaeus’s influential Systema Vegetabilium – the system of plant classification that forms the basis of modern botany – from Latin to English, wrote a treatise on the education of girls, and was passionate about the abolition of slavery.

It’s easy to imagine a dining table with a retractable semi-circular leaf to make room for modern-day girth.

Are such tables for sale?  If not, it’s a business opportunity.

Tell me (anonymous OK)

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