SystemVerilog 2009 ballot comments available

According to Karen Pieper

The Ballot Comments from the March 2009 P1800 Ballot can be found at:

Because this is twiki, we can update this file and work on it.

Our next step is to look over the ballot feedback for each committee, and report back to the P1800 by 4/16 as to how long each committee thinks they require to address the feedback. The current target is May 14, 2009.

According to Shalom Bresticker

the comments are ordered by committee (Column J):

Rows   2- 12 Editor

Rows  13- 32 SV-AC

Rows  33- 87 SV-BC

Rows  88-120 SV-CC

Rows 121-124 SV-CC/BC/EC

Rows 125-192 SV-EC

Shalom also provided this reorganized version of the spreadsheet, “sorting the comments within each committee section by subclause and page [and adding] a column for Mantis number.”


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