The time is never right

According to Robert J. Ringer

The Time is Never Right

Talk about a procrastinator’s dream, this is it—probably the most insidious of all obstacles to taking action. If you’re waiting for everything to be just right before taking action, you are in possession of a foolproof excuse for failure. […] Conditions are never right at the right time; the timing is always wrong.

When people cling to the excuse that the time isn’t right to do something, it’s often because, as mentioned earlier, they are emotionalizing the word hard and confusing it with the word impossible. It’s not impossible to change occupations right now; just hard. It’s not impossible to move to another city right now; just hard. It’s not impossible to terminate a bad partnership right now; just hard. The tendency to see hard as impossible is closely tied to the tendency to resist change. Don’t delude yourself into believing that just because something is hard, it’s impossible.

[…] It’s important to understand that the opportunity available to you at any given time will never be the perfect opportunity. Again, life doesn’t work that way.


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