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This blog entry is just a placeholder for attaching a stream of short comments (see below).

Dominant hand



  1. Foresight is buying insurance. Prophecy is knowing the day you’ll die.


  2. “”If you think the internet is bad, you should see what they say in books”.


  3. According to Michael Bulley about Alfred Hitchcock

    There is this from the interviews: “I don’t want film to be a ‘slice of life’, because people can get that at home or in the street, or even in front of the movie theatre. They don’t have to pay money to see a slice of life” and “What is drama, after all, but life with the dull bits cut out?”. So I think he really meant ‘slice of cake’ and not ‘piece of cake’ in its sense of something easy. That is to say, he wanted his films to be a treat and not a continuation of the banality of real life. He adds that he avoids fantasy. So I don’t think he quite meant that he didn’t want people to think of his films as realistic. It is the difference between imaginative realism and a copy of reality.


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