Patenting constrained random test generation

Update: On 23/Feb/2010, the USPTO issued a Notice of Allowance for IBM’s patent application.

According to Brian Bailey

One patent caught my attention today. It is an application, so at this time, there is plenty of chance that the examiners will catch this and throw it back at the applicants. Let me give you claim 1:

A test generator comprising: a transaction generator to automatically generate a plurality of manipulated transactions by manipulating one or more test case transactions resulting from a constraint-satisfaction-problem.

The filing date on this is in 2007. So this company is attempting to claim that they invented constrained random testcase generation just last year!?!?!?!? What a preposterous and audacious attempt to manipulate the system. Now this is not a company that files just a couple of patents a year. These guys are experts, and it is just one example of stupidity that causes the problems in the patent system.

The application # is 11764817. The applicants are Shady Copty and Alex Goryachev.

You can follow the progress of this application here.


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