Speed reading

According to James McCay

Would you like to be able to read 50,000 words a minute?  There are many times when it is easy to do this if you know how.  All you have to do is recognize within one minute that a 50,000-word book does not suit your purposes, and decide not to read it.

He is quoted by Edwin Bliss who adds

It is difficult to resist the lure of reading, especially when there is something less pleasant that you should be doing.

and also quotes F. L. Lucas

It is mere common sense never to undertake a piece of work, or read a book, without asking, ‘Is it worth the amount of life it will cost?’

Read less, but also read higher-quality material that suits your purposes.

You should pay more for a shorter book than a longer book.  If someone can distill down to the few key points that matter, you should be happy to pay a lot for that expertise.  Whether these are rules of time management or how-to steps for a repair, if the information is accurate and complete, then the shorter it is, the more valuable.  Bliss’s book on time management is 124 pages.  If it were 248 pages it wouldn’t even be half as good.


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