Most people are basically good — approximately 94%

According to Christopher Hudson, regarding Genghis Khan,

On one occasion, his lieutenants were idly debating what was the greatest enjoyment that life afforded. The consensus was leaning toward the sport of falconry – Genghis owned 800 falcons – when their leader offered his own deeply felt view.

“The greatest pleasure is to vanquish your enemies and chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth and see those dear to them bathed in tears, to ride their horses and clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters,” he announced.


Genghis and his hordes annihilated every community which resisted them, killing or enslaving men, then distributing captured women among themselves and raping them.

“The plundering of enemy territories could begin only when Genghis Khan or one of his generals gave permission,” wrote Russian historian George Vernadsky.

“Once it had started, the commander and the common soldier had equal rights, except that beautiful young women had to be handed over to Genghis Khan


After analysing tissue samples in populations bordering Mongolia, scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences believe the brutal ruler has 16 million male descendants living today, meaning that he must have fathered hundreds, if not thousands, of children.

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According to Political Ponerology

Inherited and acquired psychological disorders and ignorance of their existence and nature are the primal causes of evil. The magic number of 6% seems to represent the number of humans who either carry the genes responsible for biological evil or who acquire such disorders in the course of their lifetime. This small percent is responsible for the vast majority of human misery and crime, and for infecting others with their flawed view of the world.

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If everyone were evil, society would be impossible. 6% is probably about all it can tolerate. For examples of the absurdities that follow from ignoring this evolutionary balancing act, see this review of Sex and War.

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  1. According to Ranger4564

    You have to realize this oppression gig has a long deep history aspect to it, it goes back to very beginning, the days of the greedy bastard who always took the most / best meat and beat others back, the bully in the community, the local gangster, the ruler who conquered his neighbors, the warlord who conquered his region or nation, the lunatic who conquered other nations, etc… and this has been haunting humanity since.

    Our entire world is constructed out of the residue of these conquests… we the people are the losers, we are the conquered; the oligarchs are the rulers, the ruthless overlords. This trauma is so prevalent, it permeates every aspect and institution in our civilizations and has throughout history. Many of our beliefs and patterns of rationalization, expectations and demands, tolerated conditions, myth structures, cultures, etc are all based on the fact that most of us chose not to fight, chose not to risk our lives, surrendered, acknowledged someone else was more ruthless / powerful / threatening / armed, etc, to the extent that it is what eliminated our real self-esteem and it is what prevents us from really progressing. The cowards among us still warn us not to think too freely (or you may get beaten), not to think out of the box (or someone might notice), not to do things that are provocative (or you may draw attention onto the whole community), not to antagonize the oppressors (try to emulate them because they’re obviously successful)… these are the rantings of neurotic psychopaths… and yes, almost all of us are neurotic psychopaths, because we have not been able to reconcile our need for true freedom (thoughts, actions, desires) against the “freedom” we’ve been allowed (someone else dictates all of the conditions and we oblige).

    This pattern / condition has existed so damn long, most people have no clue they’re trapped in someone else’s nightmare… they think they actually want the limited freedoms that are being provided, that to expect more is just preposterous… get used to your cage, life is much more tolerable when you do, do not think of being outside the cage because only heartache ensues.

    So, my solution to this global pandemic psychosis, is that we must raise our courage, all of us, all across the globe, all societies, every single person, to oppose the oligarchs, to show our courage, to have courage, to be willing to die for our freedom, to finally liberate ourselves from the low to no self-esteem / self-defeatist trap, to show ourselves we are not afraid, we are willing to die, so that all of humanity can live in true freedom.

    There is a reason they used this exact storyline in the Matrix, when the machines were about to invade Zion, Morpheus gets up on the stage and addresses the citizens, We Are Not Afraid… . There is a reason this is referenced explicitly in Einstein’s essay Why Socialism?. You cannot be free until you are not afraid. Once you overcome the demons that have haunted our subconsciouses for so f…ing long it’s impossible to distinguish between nature / nurture, then you also overcome the need to be a materialist. Add that to freedom, and you have Utopia. That is what people have been writing about for eons, and it is not a f…ing pipe dream, it is our destiny. You just have to let go the god damn fear, and take hold of your courage.

    So, to answer to the broader question, we must be strong, brave and willing to fight, but we do not need to fight. We must be willing to die, and some likely will, but most will not have to. It is not the act of fighting or dying that frees us, it is simply the real / physical / mental willingness to do so.

    Now go out there and fight for everything […] think beyond your limits. Dream a little dream, step out of the cage.


  2. According to

    On 3rd October 2003 a most dramatic incident occurred in which three larger dolphins, believed to be male, chased Dusty into the shallows where she was apparently taking refuge and forcibly took her out to sea with them. This was witnessed by observers both in the water (Ute and Jane) and on the shore and was concisely described to [us] by one local commentator as ‘Dusty was gang-banged’. That may sound over-dramatised, but during the late 1980’s researchers in Shark Bay, Western Australia, did indeed record the forcible abduction of female bottlenose dolphins in oestrus. Richard Connor and Rachel Smolker observed that male bottlenoses, in that population at least, form durable ‘alliances’, typically of 3 animals (one dolphin on its own cannot effectively coerce another dolphin), apparently for the specific purpose of forcing copulation on unwilling females, either by all the males or by the two most dominant ones amongst them. Certainly this behaviour could be described as ‘gang rape’ if it took place within human society, though we should as usual be wary of anthropomorphising.


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