Solution orientation

Don’t confuse this with “results orientation”!

Solution orientation is keeping your eyes out for aches and pains of various kinds, and doing something fundamental to fix the causes, instead of stupidly toughing it out.  Frustration, long hours, inefficiencies, etc., are surprisingly easy to “cope” with and ignore.  Instead, we need to notice them, make them salient, and do something about them.  Grumblings about various kinds of pain and waste are not “whining”, but are a great resource.

When you’re frustrated by crazy inefficiency or low quality, snap into a different mood and see if you can’t turn this into a resource. It could be opportunity knocking with some low-hanging fruit.

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  1. I wrote here

    Grumblings about pain and waste are not ‘whining’, they are an innovation mine.


  2. According to Alison Motluk

    Zhou and George reckon that employees who become disgruntled have four options. They can jump ship, taking any ideas they might have had on how to improve things with them, or they can stick around and whine, reaffirm their allegiance, or shirk their work. Neither the loyalists nor the shirkers have any impetus to work for change. The whiners, by contrast, spend a significant part of their day ruminating on how things can be improved. That is a creative force we can no longer afford to ignore, Zhou argues.

    She points out that disgruntled employees are often discouraged from voicing complaints, so their valuable insights are stifled. The study found that the creativity of whiners could only be harnessed with the help of supportive colleagues who listened to and channelled their discontent. “Top managers really need to rethink how to do things,” she says.


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