Robots, you’re hired

According to Richard Samson

Automate as much of your existing job as you can. Systematize via paper, procedure modification, or conversion to electronic processing–just so you don’t have to do as much work anymore. In effect, tell the robots trying to take over your job: “You’re hired. Now here’s what I want you to do.”

Source — “Hyperjobs: the new higher-level work and how to grow into it”, The Futurist, Nov.-Dec. 2005, pp. 41-46.

If you behave like a robot, you risk being replaced by one.

Let’s build an army of robots, not be an army of robots.

Aside: A blog is an example of automation. 24 hours a day, everything published here is available to every web-connected person in the world. Because of automated translation tools, the information is potentially of use even to those who can’t read English. It would still be available even if I were sick in bed or dead.



  1. According to Stephen Wolfram

    One lesson of the past decade is that we tend to do something a lot more when it is automated. When Google started, some people questioned whether we would want to spend our time looking up information in an online catalogue. They said: “There’s a reason that we have few reference librarians in the world. There’s not much demand for them.” It turns out that’s completely wrong. When you automate the work of the reference librarian, everyone starts using it.


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