According to John Lash

Faith in a higher power to redeem suffering may be the single, overriding, and most potent element of the collective imagination that works against our humanity.


See also Lloyd deMause’s “Bipolar Christianity: How Torturing ‘Sinful’ Children Produced Holy Wars“.

According to Cheryl Miller

Dysfunction might sometimes be linked to genius, but it cannot be the whole of it, unless we are to believe, as the current trend of “misery-lit” (harrowing memoirs of personal trauma) would have it, that to suffer is, in and of itself, art. Dysfunction certainly did not make geniuses of the younger brothers, Bob and Wilkie, who both wound up failures—bankrupt, miserable, and exiled to an inhospitable Midwest. Nor did it make one of Henry Sr., for all his ambitions to become a great philosopher.


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